Itami Airport Rest Spot Information (Outside Restricted Area) [Field Report 1]
The terminal at Itami Airport is scheduled to reopen in August 2020. To be honest, it's a far cry from the local airport atmosphere and unrefined, but it is reborn with a completely modern look. The north-south terminal is scheduled to open in August, but I've been looking for all the stores and resting spots where you can buy souvenirs in the central terminal, which has been renovated earlier. First, let's start with the resting spots where you can sit and relax while waiting for your flight to board or while waiting for people to arrive.

How to Use and Functions of TraTraMap
Trains Map of Tabinurie 'Track Tracker Railway Map (TraTraMap)' As well as adding lines, we've added new features, changed the interface, and made it easier to see and use! Here are the new features and how to use them.

A Shinkansen Stuck into the Castle!? Mihara Castle Is the Most Convenient Castle Directly Connected to the Shinkansen Station
The Shinkansen station runs through the castle tower, and the castle can only be reached through the station!? Mihara Station on the JR Sanyo Main Line is such a unique station. Here are some interesting stations and castle ruins that I happened to see in Mihara, Hiroshima, Japan. At the end of the viaduct, there was a strange sight of a Shinkansen station standing on the ruins of the castle. I will write down the results of my stroll around the castle and the results of my research into why this strange sight was created.

How to Use the Taiwan Railway Map (Beta Version)
we unveiled the 'Taiwan Railway Map' which displays route maps of all railway lines in Taiwan on a map. Here, we introduce how to use the maps and some examples of how to use them.